Poniżej tekst oryginalnego tekstu, z naszej strony sugerujemy z dystansem i rozwaga planować wdrożenia w oparciu o USG-XG-8, z racji nie wiadomo kiedy produkt będzie całkowicie EoS / EoL.

We recently made the decision to halt production of additional units of the USG-XG-8 and wanted to explain exactly what this means and why we made this decision. We always want to keep customers well informed so they can make the best decisions for them and their UniFi deployments.
First, we want to make it clear that this is not something to worry about for users of the USG-XG-8. We fully plan to continue providing support, deliver firmware updates, and ensure controller support for the device.
The USG-XG-8 was a unique product launch – we felt the need to offer a product that supported 10G, included more powerful features, and could handle the highest-density networks. By this standard, the product was a success. We have deployed the USG-XG-8 in the highest-density environments, including the FedEx Forum, and it has performed extremely well. Our users who have the USG-XG-8 set up and working in their environment enjoy great performance and reliable operation. We have the utmost confidence in the quality of these devices and their ability to function in the most demanding environments.
The Reasoning Behind This Decision

After the USG-XG-8’s public launch, there were a few issues with initial setup that complicated things unnecessarily, and there was also a shift in strategic priorities. We opted to focus our resources on upcoming products that leverage and expand on the strengths of the USG-XG-8, while addressing the issues noted above.
What Comes Next? 

We understand that the USG-XG-8 fills a specific need for gateway devices in high-performance settings to provide 10G support. We are working on future products to meet this need. In the meantime, we encourage users to leverage the USG-XG-8 where stock is available.
For USG-XG-8 users, please understand this doesn’t change anything about your product usage, nor should it limit your network management experience moving forward. We hope you understand our decision and realize that we will continue to support your needs. We are very excited for what’s to come.

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